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Turn Your Hubby Back into your Boyfriend!

You hear it all the time.... dating & ultimately falling in love was such an exciting time in your life. You  couldn't get enough of one another, spending hours on the phone & never wanting to be away from one another.
And then came marriage.  The honeymoon period was magical & then setting up a life together in your  own place. 
But now you've been married for a while & things have simmered down.  Or could you go so far as to say things might be a bit boring & predictable.
So how to you bring back the magic?  As a start, try changing your mindset!  Try looking at your hubby with new eyes ... like you looked at him when he was your boyfriend. Plan fun date nights in advance so you can have the expectation of enjoying one another's company.  Turn away from your phone & make sure you are really engaged with one another.  Don't forget to take good care of yourself ... a little mascara & gloss never hurt anyone!   Before you know it, you might find the magic is better than ever! 
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