Brides of 2020

Brides of 2020

For the couples of 2020, Covid19 has put thousands of you in a trying situation.  Not only are your wedding ceremonies impacted but all the normal events that lead up to the big day. 

For Bride's, one of the favorite traditions is the Lingerie Shower.  Gathering with your besties for a fun night full of pretty & often naughty lingerie perfect for the honeymoon!  So for those who are finding it difficult to shop for or participate in a Lingerie Shower during these times, why not use technology to help navigate through these difficulties. 

Anna Bella created our online Registries for just such occasions.  Browse the wonderful collections and find pieces you love in just your size.  Save it to your Registry & you are done.  Share your registry by email or social media and your family & friends can now celebrate your nuptials from the safety of their home. 

So don't give up on your favorite traditions ... and enjoy that honeymoon! 

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Introducing the BEYOND BRA!

Introducing the BEYOND BRA!

Nothing beats the feeling of taking your bra off at the end of the day... but you still need support. The Beyond Bra is the perfect solution. It's wireless design has a weightless feeling that is perfect for watching your favorite Netflix shows at night or sleeping. You'll forget it's there! The Beyond Bra features some of our favorite bra components.

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Exactly WHAT is Involved During a Bra Fitting???

Exactly WHAT is Involved During a Bra Fitting???

Bra Fitting!  It sounds terrifying doesn't it!  But it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. After all, your bra is probably the most important thing you put on every day and most of us are wearing a bra that doesn't provide the best support.

Take a moment & think about the last time you went bra shopping.  Odds are the bra you selected didn't work quite the way you wanted.  So now you have to put back on your clothes & head to the sales floor to find another option.  But what was the reason the first option didn't work you try to remember?  And does Brand A fit the same as Brand B.  And beyond bra size, which style work best for me?

Now envision going to a store & having someone help you find the best bra for your unique body.  Someone who understands the differences among the brands & can help you find a bra you will LOVE!  

But isn't it weird to have someone in the fitting room helping you with bras?  The answer is NO.  Our fitters are professional & are there to analyze the fit of the bra ... not the person wearing it!  Customers are turned away from the fitter when putting on bras, so the only thing they see is you in a bra!  You will be surprised how easy the process is.  Most customers report it is actually a lot of fun!

The goal is to find a bra that fits wonderfully & makes you feel amazing.  

Go ahead ... give it a try!

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Elevate your Guest Bath!

Elevate your Guest Bath!

The time of sheltering in place is behind us & we all look forward to socializing once again with friends & family.  So now is the perfect time to take a peek at your guest bathroom (or your own for that matter!) & make it inviting for overnight guests over the summer.   

We all want our guests to feel welcome, appreciated, and taken care of. Most of us think to provide a private space where guests can take a relaxing shower or warm bath to de-stress. So why not add a few special touches to make their stay memorable.  

Dead Sexy Embossed Boxed Soap

Sumptuous suds infused with the best-selling Dead Sexy fragrance, this decadent triple-milled French Soap has been beautifully embossed to elevate sink and tub alike. Rich & moisturizing, the lush Shea Butter formulation leaves skin silky clean and irresistibly scented. Luxuriously boxed with a kiss of gold, treat yourself to divine indulgence. From soap makers with century-old techniques, this large, embossed cubed soap is an ode to the history of French soap makers.

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No Matter the Sport.. It's Important to Stay Supported!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

No Matter the Sport.. It's Important to Stay Supported!

No matter what your sport... It’s very important to have a bra sized sports bra that keeps you supported, lifted, and separated throughout the whole game! Come shop with us today and tomorrow during our Memorial Day Weekend bra sale and check out our bra sized sports bras! 

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Here Comes The Bride!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Here Comes The Bride!

Gift-giving is a large part of any wedding celebration. Your family & closest friends love the opportunity to give gifts to make sure your new life together is amazing. And bridal lingerie is a big part of this celebration. Check out these 5 tips as you prepare for the big day!

1. Bridal  Lingerie Showers - these can be amazing ... or amazingly terriflying.  Lingerie should match the bride's taste & comfort level, however this is difficult for others to gauge.  Why not make things simpler for all & build a Lingerie Registry!  Visit Anna Bella's online store & create your personalized registry then shop the vast array of lingerie to find items that you would love to receive.  Select size - color preference - then "Add to Registry" and you are done!  Your registry can then be shared with the hostess of the shower by email or social media so she can share to participants.  You can even leave a personal message to those shopping from your registry.  That was easy!

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Daily Support During Coronavirus Quarantine-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Daily Support During Coronavirus Quarantine

Let's admit it ... our new normal is quite a bit more relaxed than our lifestyle was just a couple of weeks ago.  And for me, comfort is king!  So my non-wired Anita sports bra is fast becoming a favorite wear.  Not only for exercising (which I certainly have more time for), but for lounging.  Quarantine isn't fun & quite scary in fact, however I'm trying to keep spirits up & enjoy lounging at home with the family.  

Anita Active Control DeltaPad Sports Bras as Featured on Lingerie Briefs

The world has slowed down & I am making the most of having a moment to catch my breath.  And to try to get back on track with exercise. Whether you choose to go for a run - start yoga - go for a power walk .... whatever exercise works for you, Anita will be the perfect workout partner with it's wonderful support & breathable fabric! 

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Stuck at Home ... Why Not Spring Clean your Intimates Wardrobe!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Stuck at Home ... Why Not Spring Clean your Intimates Wardrobe!

While we are home practicing social distancing to protect ourselves & our fellow citizens, it's a great chance to take a look at your intimates wardrobe.  Marie Kondo, who has become well known for simplifying,  suggests you to take all of your clothes & put them in a  big pile. Then pick up an item and ask yourself one simple question: Does this bring me joy? 

If you answer yes, keep the item. If you hesitate or say no, donate it or throw it out.  You can spend a lot of time justifying how something might be useful to you later & therefore decide to keep it.  But her deciding factor in the decision to keep something is simple ... if you feel joy or if you don’t feel joy.  End of story!  

Applying this concept to your intimates drawer is actually much simpler as many items you will come across probably don't fit well.  So of course, in answering "does this bring me joy?" you can easily answer NO!  And a quick toss to the "DONATE" pile.  

What is needed in an intimates wardrobe?  Before you begin asking yourself what to get rid of, you first need to determine what you need.  Like buildings, we require solid foundations. When it comes to lingerie, a few essentials can go a long way.

Bras - First things first!  If you haven't been properly fit recently, that is objective #1.  Bra sizing is more complicated than most people realize, so don’t play guessing games. Find the right fit from the start and leave the prodding wires, gaping cups, and overflow behind.  A woman should have a collection of bras that she draws from for everyday wear - a week's supply at a minimum.

      • T-Shirt Bra: Without a doubt the most essential bra to have in your drawer, your t-shirt bra should be a comfortable and work with most of your clothes. Nude & black are great, but remember reds with blue undertones are considered a neutral!
      • Date Night Bra: A beautiful lace bra is a must for under blouses but also looks wonderful paired with a sheer top.  Don't worry about losing fit or support in these bras ... they offer both & put a smile on your face!
      • Convertible / Strapless Bra: Fashions today can be tricky, so make sure you are armed with a bra that will get the job done.  A good strapless bra is ESSENTIAL & adding straps allows for convertibility such as halter, criss-cross or one-shoulder options.
      • Plunge Bra: Have at least one plunge bra to avoid your bra from peeking through under a low-cut top.  
      • Bra-Sized Sports Bra: If you exercise & have breasts, you will want one of these little numbers.  Bra-sized sports bras help eliminate movement during activity ... which helps reduce sagging boobies!

Underwear - Clear out the clutter and focus on these necessities.

      • Thong or No-VPL underwear: In the case of clingy fabrics, visible panty lines are killer. Thongs are clearly the winner, but there are a good many who just can't go this route. Whatever the style you prefer, make sure the edges are smooth and disappear under clothes.
      • Colors: Black or nude can get you through just about any look but be sure to make sure to add some fun colors & lace panties to spice things up!
      • How Many Should You Keep: Like your days of the week panties when you were a little girl, be sure to have enough to get you through the week! Make sure you have a few styles to keep things fresh.

Shapewear  - Shapewear exists for those moments when you are putting on your favorite dress for an evening out only to realize that the fabric may not have been as forgiving as we thought.  Shapewear can't do the work of a plastic surgeon, but it definitely helps to smooth your silhouette!  The following items are perfect to have at the ready:

      • High waisted slimming shorts: A good pair will smooth the tummy, lift the booty and reduce any thigh-chafing. Perfect for tight fitting dresses, tight pants or pencil skirts.
      • Dress shaper: Perfect for smoothing out trouble spots and ensuring a perfect silhouette, usually covering your bust to your kneecap.

It can be a real sense of freedom giving away things that you no longer need.  Fewer things that you LOVE is way better than many things that you sort of like. And once you get focused on your needs, you may find you feel better prepared & don't feel that familiar desire to buy something new.  WOW!  What a new sensation!

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Working from Home: Upgrade your Wardrobe.-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Working from Home: Upgrade your Wardrobe.

We're all working from home a bit more these days. We've swapped out the blouses and trousers for our coziest pjs. It can be easy to fall into the routine of throwing on your  favorite oversized t-shirt and sweatpants every single day. This cycle is tempting but rids us of the excitement of picking out something that makes us feel beautiful each morning. It's the perfect time to update your work wardrobe (aka your pjs). Spend your days in something cozy AND beautiful. 

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Get Beach Body Ready in a Sports Bra That Fits!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Get Beach Body Ready in a Sports Bra That Fits!

Spring Break is right around the corner. Stay supported during your workout with a bra sized sports bra. No matter the activity (running, tennis, cycling, etc.) a bra sized sports bra will provide you with the support and comfort needed to kill your workout!
Don't forget to check out our leggings to maximize comfort during your workout! Plus, who says you can't be stylish at the gym? Elevate your gym look with a matching sports bra and legging set!


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It's President's Day, Celebrate in Style!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

It's President's Day, Celebrate in Style!

Show your patriotism by adding some red, white, and blue into your lingerie wardrobe! Also check out our new patriotic SAXX styles.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Valentine's Day!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Your One-Stop Shop for Valentine's Day!

Looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? We've got your covered this Valentine's Day! We'll help you choose gorgeous lingerie, then add a beautiful bouquet from Syd Nichole for a gift that's playful, sexy, and thoughtful!

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Brrrrrrr! It's Cold Outside-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Brrrrrrr! It's Cold Outside

With the bitterly cold weather just outside your door, there is nothing more relaxing than spending a cozy day inside.  It's time to gear up with some super-cozy pajamas & robes & turn your day inside into a Stacation!



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Nuance by Simone Perele .... oh so French!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Nuance by Simone Perele .... oh so French!

Introducing Nuance by Simone Perele.  Show-stopping embroidery with the softest fabrics!  Choose the style that speaks to you.

A bra that takes you from café to soirée in a blink? Let’s celebrate. Designed in ultra-smooth microfiber and embroidered mesh, our Nuance Triangle Contour bra instantly elevates your look. Created with lined cups for a natural lift and removable padding for an extra push-up when you want it. Plus, convertible straps can be worn two ways.

This stunning French bra highlights two of our favorite things: embroidery and that iconic demi shape. Together they make for a show-stopping bra that hugs curves to perfection, with ultra-smooth microfiber sides and elegant two-way spaghetti straps. Wear it for date night. Wear it for work. Wear it to the grocery store.

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SUPPORT THE GIRLS!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie


Anna Bella's SUPPORT THE GIRLS initiative in conjunction with the luxury brand, Empreinte, is to help girls feel confident in & comfortable with their bodies.  When participating in Sports, our young women should be able to focus on their skill & enjoyment of the sport rather than worrying about breast movement or experience pain caused by their activity.


By opting for a bra-sized Sports Bra which seperates & better contains the breasts, you see significant improvement with the problems of movement & pain.  Most young women choose the typical compression style sports bras (often wearing more than one!) which provide very minimal support.  In an effort to spread the word that THERE IS SOMETHING BETTER,  Anna Bella Fine Lingerie will be giving away 10 free bra-sized Empreinte Sports Bras to some lucky teens!

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Get a jump-start on your New Year's Resolutions with IN-PULSE by EMPREINTE!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Get a jump-start on your New Year's Resolutions with IN-PULSE by EMPREINTE!

Do you love the fit & support of Empreinte bras? After 3 years of development, research, and testing Empreinte has finally launched their SPORTS BRA!  The sports-chic design of the IN-PULSE line combines performance and comfort for a minimalist, modern, graphic look.
The sports-chic design of the IN-PULSE line combines performance and comfort for a minimalist, modern, graphic look.

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"Sin"fully Beautiful Maison Lejaby!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

"Sin"fully Beautiful Maison Lejaby!

The "Sin" Collection from Maison Lejaby was inspired by the atmosphere of shaded gardens, with their interplays of shadow and light that draw botanical arabesques.  Besides being absolutely beautiful, Sin does an amazinhg job of accentuating a woman's body with its sensual vegetal designs and rich coloration. 

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The Rya Swan Wrap .... the "IT" Item-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

The Rya Swan Wrap .... the "IT" Item

One of our very favorite brands at Anna Bella is Rya Collection, bringing femininity & luxury back to the world of women's loungewear.  We came upon this article by Ellen Lewis from "Lingerie Briefs" which we think says it all.  So, we are reprinting in it's entirety for you to enjoy!  

The Rya Swan robe in shell as featured on Lingerie Briefs

What Defines the “It” Item ~ The Rya Swan Wrap

As much as the retail and wholesale landscape has shifted in recent years, particularly with the tsunami of technology transforming the entire paradigm, there are some basic tenets of merchandising that I believe never change.  It’s what I call the “It” item. When I see it, I know it. Once identified, exploiting its potential is imperative to maximize profit. The thrill of the kill outweighs the risk of being wrong. For a born merchant, it’s all about instinct. Identifying a winner still motivates me.

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Silicone Valley's Boob Tape-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Silicone Valley's Boob Tape

At Anna Bella, we are always delighted when customers provide feedback on our products, and the following testimonial on Silicone Valley's Boob Tape made us smile.  Passing this review along for others who are considering using this amazing new product.  Enjoy!

Solutions for a Second Date - by Petra Bellejambes

So, you are planning on a second date. Good for you! This tells me that on the first date, he managed to determine that your eyes are up here, not down there. Yippee! That puts him in the upper 30% of the field, so proceed.

This might be the time to test his resolve and ability to focus on those eyes of yours. I found just the thing at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie, and wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Silicone Valley (notice the cutesy spelling please…) makes a little magic they call Boob Tape. It’s the sort of stuff that is more commonly used to help flesh not spill out of wild red carpet outfits that you and I would not wear on a second date.

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Build Your Wish List!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Build Your Wish List!

As adults, we sometimes don't admit that we want anything for Christmas.  After all, it's the time of year when our thoughts are for giving to others. But your loved ones are thinking about what to give to YOUOne of the nicest things you can do for your friends & family this holiday season is to make it easy for them to find items that you actually want.

We've outgrown writing a letter to Santa, but you're never too old to make a Christmas wish list. At Anna Bella, we encourage ladies to stop in while out shopping for others & build their own Wish List.  Your friends & family can feel confident about gifting something you actually want & will use, and you'll save yourself the trouble of returning items that don't work following the holidays. 

So give the gift of easy holiday shopping this year & tell them what you want — or at least point them in the right direction!

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Boudoir or Not to Boudoir ... That is the Question!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Boudoir or Not to Boudoir ... That is the Question!

Boudoir photography, although it has been around since the 20's, is redefining sexy in this age of social media. Although boudoir photos have become popular gifts for a bride to give to her groom on their wedding day (for your eyes only), its not just brides!

The growing popularity of visual social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest has everyone wanting to put their best self forward.  Although selfies will always be popular, hiring a boudoir photographer to really capture your essence is the ultimate statement in your personal brand.

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The Support of a Bra in Your Swimwear!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

The Support of a Bra in Your Swimwear!

What's better than escaping to a tropical destination during the winter months? It's escaping in a beautiful bathing suit!  If you often have trouble finding proper support or coverage in swimwear, you will want to take a look at Empreinte Swim.

Empreinte is famous for high quality lingerie that provides amazing comfort & support yet enhances femininity as well.

The perfect suit for the perfect you!

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Festive Avero!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Festive Avero!

To celebrate their 100th year in business, the Belgian label Marie Jo has given a festive limited-edition make-over to their Avero bra.  Their instantly-recognizable check fabric features a black and bronze floral print overlay.  The iconic daisy-design shoulder straps have a metallic bronze touch as well.  
Since its inception, the brand has been committed to creating designs that feel as amazing as they look. With its principle of 'celebrating the everyday,’ Marie Jo designs lingerie for confident women determined to make a strong yet refined style statement in high-quality lingerie worn as an ode to themselves.

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What Should YOU Be Wearing to Bed?-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

What Should YOU Be Wearing to Bed?

At the end of the day, you wind down & relax into bed.  What you choose to wear during this part of your day is a very personal choice. IWhich of these sleepwear favorites are you most likely to select.

Romper - There is nothing wrong with rompers, but don't think you're fooling anyone.  Isn't this really a frilly sweat suit... but sexy. 


Full-Length Pajamas - Although this is a popular choice, this outfit pretty much says, "We're not having sex tonight." These comfy pj's are perfect for lounging in bed or on the couch ... when you want to relax & pamper yourself. Tonight it's all about you.

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Feel Frightfully Sexy This Halloween!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Feel Frightfully Sexy This Halloween!

Looking for a Halloween Costume that's simply bewitching? Put together a killer outfit using one of our new bodysuits, add some fun accessories, and you're all set!

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Shop Our Virtual Sidewalk Sale!-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Shop Our Virtual Sidewalk Sale!

If you couldn't make it to our sidewalk sale, don't worry! We've moved it to our website!  Follow the link below to get some great pieces at an even better price!

As always, you can earn free shipping when you spend over $250.




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