There are so many things that we ABSOLUTELY know without having to think about them.  Most women will include the size of their bra in this list.  Whenever it's time to update our lingerie drawer, women pop in to the store & go straight to the size they have been buying for years.  And they usually HATE their bras. Hopefully you do not fall into this category & have sought the assistance of a bra fitting boutique.

What difference does a bra fitter make, you ask?  Most bra fitting boutiques carry the UK size range which offers over 120 different band to cup ratios as opposed to the approximately 24 sizes offered at many retailers.  This means you get a bra that fits YOU. And fitters are trained not only in how to select your best size - but also the best style for your unique body.  Knowledge is power & being empowered in selecting your bra (you wear them everyday!) is life-changing.  If you HAVEN'T had a professional bra fitting, what are you waiting for??? 

Now, before you run to the nearest fit boutique, check out the guide below illustrating bra sizing.  It is excellent in better understanding how bra sizes compare with one another so you don't have a cororary when your fitter tells you you are a 30F rather than the 38C you have been wearing for years. 

And if you want to do a test to see how well your present bra fits, check your fit points at home prior to your appointment to see how your bra fares. 

Schedule your appointment for a fitting today.  Trust me, you will learn to LOVE your bra! 


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