We hear it everyday .... "I'm not sure if I am wearing the right size bra".  What they are really saying is "I am POSITIVE I am not wearing the right size bra!".    A well-fitting bra really matters & knowing the basic fit points of how your bra should fit will help guide you to your best fit possible.



FIT POINT ONE:   The Center Gore

The center gore is the part of the bra that attaches the two front cups together. Check to make sure the gore is touching your breastbone, separating your breasts.  Nobody wants a Uni-boob!



The band of your bra is extremely important as it provides 90% of the support of your bra, anchoring it to your body.   Strap slippage or having the band ride up your back are common symptoms that the band is too loose. Be sure your band fits around the lower (and smaller) part of your back like a "snug hug" and sits parallel to the floor.  Think of a see-saw .... the back of the bra supports the front of the bra.  If the band rides up the back, the support for the front is lost.  When purchasing a new bra, start with the hooks placed on the loosest hook.  Over time, the band will stretch and you can move it over 2 additional times to extend the life of your bra.



FIT POINT THREE : The Underwire 

Many women find underwires uncomfortable .... but it's most likely because they are wearing the wrong size.  Underwire bras are your friend, providing definition in your bra.  However, if you are wearing the wrong size underwire or not placing it completely behind your breast tissue, it will cut into you.  Torture!  Use the "scoop and swoop" technique to center your tissue in the cup.  Firmly hold the underwire with one hand while the other hand scoops tissue away from the underwire into the front of the cup.


If you have checked your bras at home and they don't pass the test, let the fit experts at Anna Bella help find your best size.  Visit us in Alpharetta (just North of Atlanta).


If you are unable to visit in store, not to worry! Click the image below to use our Bra Fit Calculator.