Aubade Femme Charmeuse Half Cup Bra MJ14 Auba

One of Aubade's legendary pieces, the Half Cup bra from the Femme Charmeuse line is extremely seductive. It creates a push-up cleavage thanks to the vertical seaming that melts into the refined lace. The muted tulle is enriched with mysterious blue embroidery and satin details to harbour the secret of intimacy.
?Ÿ?Ÿ???›?Ÿ???????Ÿ?????› Embroidered trim
?Ÿ?Ÿ???›?Ÿ???????Ÿ?????› Satin laces and bows
?Ÿ?Ÿ???›?Ÿ???????Ÿ?????› Matching embroidered panel
?Ÿ?Ÿ???›?Ÿ???????Ÿ?????› Pleated picot decoration on straps
?Ÿ?Ÿ???›?Ÿ???????Ÿ?????› Lace-decorated panel
Romantic, subtle, sophisticated and softly seductive: the Femme Charmeuse line is all that, but with a hint of sass in the form of feminine lacing and contrasting colours. The Femme Charmeuse sees herself as Lady Chatterley, modest and innocent but at the same time very sensual, revealing her true self under her lover?Ÿ?Ÿ???›?Ÿ???????Ÿ??????s touch.