If you have checked your bras at home and they don't pass the test (have you performed our Fit Test?), use this handy calculator at home to help guide you to your best size.   So grab a tape measure & pad & pencil and get ready for some calculations.   It's best to perform these measurements without wearing a bra.  

Time to Calculate

Now that you have your measurements, let's determine your best size.  The illustration below assumes the measurements taken were as follows

A = 30"
B = 35.5"
C = 36"


Subtract B from C:

  • If this number is 2 or GREATER, average the numbers of B & C then write this number down as D.
  • If the number is LESS THAN 2, write down the number of C as D as well.

        From our example: 36 - 35.5 = .5   Since it is LESS than 2, we record D as 36

You are almost there!!!  Now write down the number you determined in A & subtract it from the number determined as D.        Example:    36 - 30 = 6.

With this final number, refer to the chart below to find your cup size.   According to the chart below, 6 = a cup size of E.  You know your Band size to be 30, so  YOUR BRA SIZE would be 30E.

NOTE!!  This size is a UK Size & can be easily converted if necessary. 

When searching for bras online, you will find that mostly likely you will not be the same size in every brand.  Our bra sizes are stated in the UK size range.  Check out our article on Bra Size Conversion to compare to other size ranges.

The Team at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie is happy to help guide you with your purchases if you are shopping online.   Should you have any difficulty, simply drop us an email at and provide the results achieved from the above calculations & it will be our pleasure to assist!

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