Your Most Important Piece of Exercise Equipment

The Olympics are just around the corner which inspires many of us toward sports involvement or refocusing on work out routines.  We spend a fortune on gym memberships and workout clothes, but more than likely that you're missing the most vital piece of exercise equipment of all - a sports bra.  

You may wonder what all the fuss is about, but facts speak for themselves.  Breasts are mostly composed of fatty tissue and are supported mainly by skin and fragile ligaments called Coopers' ligaments. Because these are not elastic, during repetitive or high impact sports the breasts bounce and pull on the ligaments, forcing them to stretch. Once these ligaments have stretched they stay this way. The result is every woman's nightmare - sagging breasts.

As an example, when running, the goal is to move forward. To do this, you need to move up as well. And with each step, you also sway side to side. Breasts respond to this combination of forces by actually moving in a figure-8, experiencing additional vertical and horizontal displacement. Studies show that it’s these three directions of displacement rather than acceleration that cause breast discomfort and pain.  The worst seems to be vertical displacement, which peaks at mid-flight. At this point, the Cooper’s ligaments are basically floating upwards and then being tugged back down during deceleration. As most sports bras flatten the breasts to the body, we’ve  learned that flattening will only reduce anterior displacement! 

Let Anna Bella help you find the perfect bra sized sports bra for your level of activity. Book your appointment today!



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