Your Homecoming Essentials

Your Homecoming Essentials

It’s homecoming season and getting the proper undergarments for your dress is an essential. The latest fashions include strapless, backless, and plunge dresses! If any of these popular dress types scare you, we have the perfect solutions.

Strapless Bra: A fitting strapless bra will give great shape and support under your dress. Not only is a strapless a homecoming essential, it can be worn with all of your favorite strapless fashions.


Backless Strapless Adhesive Bra: A backless strapless bra has underwire to give support and adhesive wings to remain discreet under your backless dress.

 Nipple Covers: If your dress is a bit more challenging nipple covers may be the perfect solution. Nipple covers provide coverage and safety from any potential outfit malfunctions.

Fashion Tape: Ensure every detail is perfect and locked in place with Fashion Tape on a night you’ll never forget!

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