Why Invest in Quality Lingerie?

Purchasing your first quality bra may seem like a luxurious purchase - but it’s an investment. Don’t let the price tag scare you! Let’s put the price of a bra in the context of coffee, a good we all know and can’t live without. At most coffee shops, a medium sized coffee is about $2.50. Purchasing coffee everyday for a month is approximately the same cost of a high quality bra at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie.

Part ways with the Walmart lingerie section and invest in a high quality bra that will stand the test of time. A $20 bra from Walmart may last a month or possibly two with delicate care. With proper care a quality bra can last for years. You won’t have to go through your day wondering if today is the day the wire is going to pop out of my bra.

Investing in a quality bra is a practical investment - you wear a bra every single day. A quality bra is not something you’ll purchase and throw in a closet only to pull out a couple of times a year. Invest in something that you’ll get a tremendous amount of use out of AND makes you feel beautiful!

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