You Are What You ... Wear?

What Your Lingerie Says About You
July 21, 2017

You are what you wear, or what you don't wear for that matter. Lingerie can say a lot about your personality! From cotton panties to lacy one-pieces, there is a preferred style for everyone.

Whether you like to take control in your barely-there bodysuit, or enjoy hitting the 'refresh button' while lounging in a sheer, ruffle romper, your choice of lingerie says a lot about you.

Below, we’re breaking down 6 different lingerie styles women love to adorn inside and outside the bedroom.

The Flirty
You are a tease! Always giggling and blowing kisses! A sheer romper with ruffle details compliments your personality 'to a T'! Whether you are unwinding in this sweet number after a bubble bath or flouncing around the bedroom with one of your lovers, you can't go wrong with this playful piece.


The Sweet and Sultry
You exude elegance... but you are no stranger to the wild side! The lingerie you love highlights your natural beauty. Many of your favorite pieces feature lace and florals with strappy and sultry details. You are ultra-feminine, but oh so sexy! You blindside lovers left and right.


The Tomboy
The tomboy can often get a bad rep from the fashion world. There is no shame here though! You treat your body like a temple, appreciating all things practical and comfortable. The boy short or a pair of Foxers are your go-to lingerie piece. Whether you're running errands or watching reruns of the Bachelor you do it in style without sac! 


The Sophisticated Seductress
Fine lingerie is second nature to you. You are an elite when it comes to luxuries. Inside and outside the bedroom you enjoy the finer things in life. This deep black bodysuit with intricate lace details speaks to you. It can be worn as a fashion piece with an elegant skirt or with some sexy lace stockings in the bedroom. While the piece may seem refined you are far from it! You can seduce men and women alike.


The Business Woman
A true leader in the work place and in the bedroom. You work hard and play hard. Occasionally, bringing things... or people home from work. Pieces like this Crisscross Peek-a-boo Skirt are made for you! Business in the front. Party in the back! You always seem in control, confident, and fearless. You are ready to bring your 'A game' at any given time.


The Fetishist
You’re daring and erotic. You enjoy having control... or being subdued, honing in on sensuality. Passionate, you are never afraid to explore your fantasies and give into your desires. Fearless, you can be intimidating to some lovers but irresistible all the same.

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