What to Expect from your Bra Fitting!

The (Not so Scary) Bra Fitting Experience

For many women the mere mention of bra fitting is enough to ignite fear and anxiety. At Anna Bella Fine Lingerie, our fit specialist will ensure that your bra fitting experience is pleasant. We aim to make your experience comfortable, educational, and fun!

To ease any feelings of uncertainty we wanted to share the ins and outs of the Anna Bella Fine Lingerie Bra Fitting Experience!

Upon meeting your bra fit specialist you will be measured to give the fit specialist an idea of your size. The measuring is a rough estimate done over clothing - no awkwardly baring it all while you are measured! Our specialist are highly trained on the brands and styles we carry and are able to make selections based on your measurements and body type. No need to stress about searching for hours to find your perfect bra - our fit specialist do that for you.

Once in the fitting room the fun part begins, trying on! This part of the bra fitting experience can be the most intimidating for many. Our fit specialist are extremely sensitive to this and want to make it completely comfortable. During the fitting you face away from the fit specialist - we only see you in a bra! Once the bra is on, you and our fit specialist will assess the fit together. Our fit specialist will then work to find you a perfect fitting bra that you love!

Below are a few words from customers about their bra fitting experience at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie:

“I was fitted and out the door in 15 minutes. I am a busy woman and I appreciate prompt service and a great experience.”

“Getting professionally fitted for my bras had changed how I shop now! I look online, but keep coming back to Anna Bella's website, simply because I trust them. Great choices and can't wait to go back.”

“I was very happy with the service that I received. I also learned some very valuable information.”

“Getting fitted for the right bra for me changed my life! More people should know about this place!"

“It only took me 30+ years to find a bra that fits properly, looks amazing and helps my back!”

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