What is Your Lingerie Style?

When you hear the word "lingerie", it evokes a certain feeling that has developed over years from advertisements, tv, movies.  The word for many is synonymous with overt sexuality, as if they expect to find Miss Kitty, the red-haired saloon proprietor on Gunsmoke, working in the lingerie store.  Whenever someone asks what I do for a living, it is always amusing to see their shocked reactions - - as if I might be a madam.  

Lingerie simply refers to women's undergarments & nightwear.  And don't we all wear these? (please say that you do!)  So get over your hang-ups & visit a lingerie store that offers a wide selection from different designers to explore the options. 

The biggest misconception is that lingerie isn't for everyone. Why not spend a little time to find your unique style in lingerie.  Whether you're a girly-girl like Elle Woods or are sporty & never wear make-up kind of girl, lingerie is for you.  It's for Moms of toddlers, divorcees dating again, & even grandmothers.  Lingerie is for you.  There is something for everyone that will make you feel special.

Trust me, Lingerie is for everyone! 

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