What Are you Wearing Underneath Your Clothes?

Does what you wear underneath your clothes matter?  Yes, we're talking about your bra and panties.  My Mother always cautioned me that if in a serious accident, would I be horrified or proud of my state of lingerie affairs? I realize that is a bit dramatic, but what you wear UNDERNEATH your clothes does matter. 

Whether you’re single or in a smokin' hot relationship, your unmentionables send a powerful message.  If you are wearing something beautiful underneath your clothing, you send a powerful message to yourself ... and the world.  It's a matter of confidence. 

For those who say it doesn't matter because you aren't in an intimate relationship, it’s like saying you’re not going to clean your house because no one is visiting.  You live there.  Don’t you matter?

I love the attitude of Tonya Lee.  In her Blog "French Feminine Secret" she comments "I sometimes joke with people and tell them that I built my business on lingerie and lipstick.  Even though I sell neither (yet) and I rarely see clients face to face, I have personally experienced the power of getting up each day, putting on a beautiful bra and panty underneath my clothes, applying some lipstick and starting my day.  Knowing that I’ve taken the time and effort to adorn my body in beautiful lingerie affirms my self-worth, boosts my self-confidence, ignites my feminine creativity and helps me take myself seriously.  (Sorry, but I find it hard to take myself or my work seriously when I’m lounging in my PJ’s all day.)"

Wearing beautiful lingerie isn't about seducing a man .... it's about seducing YOURSELF.  It's just for you.  However if are ARE looking for Prince Charming, he'll notice you because you hold yourself in high regard, walk confidently, feel sexy!  Lingerie is a love affair with yourself!

Talk to your friends about this ladies.  Your lingerie is the first thing you put on each morning .... why not make it lovely!



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