Va Bien's Done it Again

Smooth Low-Back Bustier
September 14, 2017

Careless seduction, french doors that open onto a balcony that overlooks a quaint, seaside town, half-dressed in a hotel robe, turning back to invite you to see the view and come join her on the wrought iron perch, suspended in the breeze over an ancient cluster of winding streets that conjure up a more innocent, Old World past. The moment before the big event, while her gown hangs gently as she considers her footwear, cheeks flushed with excitement and both of you giddy with beginnings.

This lightweight, versatile shapewear design cinches the waist beautifully beneath challenging low back dresses. An ideal lingerie foundation under silk and high visibility fabrics, this is an extremely popular style for formal events and gala attire. The style also provides amazing bust support with Va Bien’s patented Ultra-Lift technology for a push-up effect that is as effortless as this style makes achieving an hourglass figure feel.

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