UBER to the Rescue this Mother's Day!


Modern technology often gets a bad rap.  Admittedly we are many times glued to our smartphones rather than being present in the moment.  However on the flip side, you must admit modern technology & social media have made our lives easier, faster, … and many times more fun.  Even our parents & grandparents are enjoying "selfie" craze.

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I recently used the UBER App to help out in a difficult situation.  When my daughter was leaving for a beach vacation & was unable to make it to the store to pick up a bathing suit she ordered for the trip she was devastated.  She reached out to me for help but I was across town & unable to get there in time.  Then a thought occurred to me ... why not use UBER.  I contacted the merchant & explained that an UBER driver would pick up the package & deliver it to my daughter.  They were delighted to help & I quickly scheduled the pick-up & delivery locations, informing the driver that the "passenger" would be a package.  All went perfectly ... and the cost was nominal.   Thanks technology!

I have since used UBER to deliver packages from our store.  So much faster than mailing & much more personal.

As we prepare for Mother's Day this year, avoid the stress of worrying if your gift will make it to Mom in time.  Call UBER to the rescue for a personal delivery!  


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