Trending Burlesque-Inspired Parties

One of the newer party trends that is starting to "trend" are burlesque-inspired parties. One of the most successful is Kandi Burruss' Welcome to the Dungeon Tour, where guests are invited to an evening of overall liberation.  With elements of sensuality & soul, guests unleash their sexiest side & dance the night away.

The month of May is full of these parties which span coast to coast...from California to New York & lots of stops in between.

What does one wear to such an event???  That depends entirely on the guest, however there are cash prizes for the best "costume".  No matter your choice, it should reflect your particular level of taste & unique personality.  The Seduction collection at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie is the perfect place to get inspiration.

As the Dungeon Tour states, "Survive the dungeon and live to tell the story about your wild night".  #thedungeontour #annabellafinelingerie

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