The Unlikely Work-Out Panty

So, you've started a workout routine which now requires thought to what to WEAR at the gym.  While there are tons of stores featuring workout attire, there isn't much information out there on what undies are good partners.  Let's face it ... wearing the wrong panties can ruin a great workout.  In the end, what we all really want is underwear that we don't have to think about.

So you'll probably be a bit shocked when we ask you to try working out in a thong.  It's an unlikely partner for the gym because they can be uncomfortable.  Enter Commando - the perfect choice when you don't want to go "commando".  Its lightweight breathable fabric (raw-cut microfiber) and precision fit is perfect for workouts.  And it won't bunch up like most teeny-tiny thongs do.  Another bonus ... no VPL in those tight workout pants.

Now here's my favorite part .... the photo-realistic prints are fun, fabulous, and supremely comfortable. Choose the one that reflects your mood of the day & have a great workout on us!  Visit us at Alpharetta City Center & explore the many options available.  





 Anna Bella Fine Lingerie ...... Lingerie for today's confident woman!

325 Market Street - Alpharetta, GA  30009


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