The Truth About Back Fat

Almost every time we are in the fitting room, we hear women bad talk their bodies. No matter how amazing they look, they will find some fault in themselves. The number one complaint we hear is back fat. The first thing I expect to see a woman do when they get the first bra on is turn around and look at their back! Even if they have the most unbelievable lift and shape in the front, it is always their back that's most concerning!

The truth is, everyone has what you call "back fat". Even the tiniest woman will have some kind of bulge in a proper fitting bra. That's because for a bra to fit properly, it needs to anchor your breast tissue to your body with a snug fitting band. Some women will blame the bulge on age or weight, but the truth is, everyone has it!

That being said, there are some ways to reduce the inevitable bulge. Wearing the correct size bra will allow you to wear your band lower on your back and parallel to the front of the bra. This not only gives you great lift, but helps to keep your back smooth. Another tip is to look for a bra that has similar stretch in both the band material and the elastic at the top & bottom of the band.This helps place pressure evenly across the band, which makes things smoother! Our favorite brand to beat the bulge is Empreinte. Their specially crafted fabrics provide a smoother silhouette than most! 

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