The Perfect Bra for Your Teenager

Helping your teen select bras is something that every Mother should consider.  And doing so at a bra fit boutique helps her understand the importance of getting the right fit.  Her sizing will change many times in the next years & she should feel confident that there are resources to help her find her perfect fit during this transition.

For now, help your teen select good everyday bras that help her feel covered, supported and confident. While bras with colors and patterns are definitely fun for teens, she should still have bras that are  less likely to show through clothes -- in black or nude -- before buying bras that have more personality. That way, she always has the right undergarment for any outfit.

At Anna Bella, we find the Feathers Contour bra by Natori is the perfect go-to everyday bra featuring their signature Feathers lace trim.  It's a great everyday bra, since it can work under a variety of clothing, but the lace trim keeps it from feeling too plain.  

 So visit us at Anna Bella to explore the many options available.  Purchasing a bra can be fun!  Especially for Moms with their daughters.

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