The "IT" Girl's Secrets Revealed: How She Always Looks Put Together

The “IT” Girl!

The woman we all envy has strategies and habits that keep her on track and make life seem easy. While it may seem like this woman glides through life without skips or bumps, that doesn't mean she isn't prepared. Whether it's advance planning, delegating tasks or simply a refusal to get overwhelmed by the task at hand - this is one woman who is never caught off guard. It's her wisdom, experience and patience that guide her in the right direction and help maintain a rewarding balance between career, family, relationships and health - keeping her looking amazing while living life to the fullest!


She Plans Ahead

Stylish women understand the importance of foundation garments for putting together a great outfit. They meticulously plan their outfits in advance and pay specific attention to ensuring the proper fit and lines. Unsightly panty lines or ill-fitting bras are an unwelcome distraction that can pull focus away from even the most carefully constructed looks. Smart planning involves always making sure you have a few crucial pieces at the ready, such as a t-shirt bra, panties with no visible lines, and supportive yet invisible strapless bras to be prepared for any unexpected events. With these essential items safely stored at home, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’re set up to look your absolute best in any situation.


She Properly Cares for her Undergarments

The fit and feel of well-loved undergarments is a crucial factor in boosting confidence. But, over time if proper care isn’t taken, it could mean the end of even your favorite item. Properly caring for undergarments not only preserves their shape and structure but also keeps them looking as good as new. The best way to do this is by handwashing delicates in cold water and using delicate detergent. We recommend Glamorous Wash to keep your intimates looking great and smelling amazing too. For more information on how to properly care for your delicates check out our “The Best Way to Wash Your Intimates” blog post which provides useful tips that will help you get the most out of your undergarments.



She Buys Quality over Quantity

The "It" girl knows the importance of making her dollars work for her, so she invests in high quality items. She'll spend more to get something that's well-made and will last but only a few items at a time - no need to spend endless amounts of money on something inferior. Undergarment shopping is an area not to be overlooked; bras are usually the foundation of any look and if they fit poorly, it can significantly affect how good the outfit looks. She takes her time selecting quality pieces that give her the comfort and support she needs - no more stressing about it each month! Instead, she has more time to focus on enjoying life.



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