The "IT" Girl...

The “IT” Girl…

You know this woman.  The one that seems to glide through life effortlessly, usually looking amazing while doing it.  She doesn't seem to struggle with the everyday demands of work & personal life.  

And we all wonder..."How does she always look so put together?"  It's not magic. She doesn't have more hours in a day than we do.  Whether she's a top executive - a busy mom - or enjoying the second part of life, she has her act together! Here are her secrets…

She Plans Ahead

When it comes to her fashion, stylish women know foundation undergarments are a big part in always looking your best. These women plan their outfits ahead of time and pay special attention to fit.  Visible panty lines & ill-fitting, non-supportive bras are distracting & divert attention from even the most put-together outfits. Always be prepared for that last minute event where you need a little extra hold in the tummy area or a good strapless bra.  These essentials are part of "planning ahead".  Stock your drawer with a few key elements to prepare you for any situation.

She Properly Cares for her Undergarments

Properly caring for undergarments will help them keep their shape and structure. By handwashing delicates in cold water, she ensures her undergarments will always help her look her best. Visit our “The Best Way to Wash Your Intimates” blog post for more information on how to properly care for your undergarments.

She Buys Quality over Quantity

The “It” girl values her time & money. She’s willing to spend the extra dollar for quality on items that will last. No need for a drawer of ill-fitting bras… she invests in a few bras that will look great under everything and last. She doesn’t need to stress about undergarment shopping every month; instead she is enjoying life!

Let the Fit Experts at Anna Bella help you get your act together!  And the first of the year is the perfect time for your annual bra fitting.  Rather than having a drawer full of bras you don't wear, it is best to have 3 good bras in your wardrobe to rotate.  


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