Pretty Bras for Busty Girls!


Breasts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are challenges that come with being larger than a 34C.  American lingerie stores just don’t do big boobs justice, and the bras that are above a D cup are typically not so pretty. 
French lingerie teaches us you don’t have to be relegated to sad, nude bras.  

"A similarly busted friend told me she bought all her bras at a specialty store that offered an expanded size range.  “It will change your life,” she promised. And it did.  "These bras literally opened up the possibility that I could be sexy and there wasn’t something fundamentally wrong with my body,” said the same friend, recalling that bra-shopping in her teen years often ended in tears.  She thought pretty bras couldn’t possibly give her the support she needed to get through the day."

Enter French Lingerie!  Now you don’t have to wear ugly bras if you don’t want to.  The trick is to find boutiques that offer brands that make bras for real people.  The top selling brand at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie is Empreinte, a premiere French brand featuring bras offering a beautiful shape & support that is unbelievable.  The company uses only the finest materials & goes to enormous effort to make sure their bras are not only beautiful but support comfortably.  With Empreinte, you know you are getting a world-class bra.  You might want to breathe deeply when you see the price, however the longevity of the bra is sure to outlast anything you have worn before.  These are bras you simply won't forget.

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