Taming the TaTa's - - The Side Boob

Some call it “side boob” - - others call it chicken wings.  No matter the name, it's a real pain.  Side boob is when your breast tissue peeks out the side of your bra under the arm.  This most often occurs when you are wearing the incorrect size bra and your poor breast tissue doesn't all fit in the cup ...  so it escapes wherever it can, which in this case is into your armpits.  Over time, it just ends up staying there permanently!

But if you have been fit and are still experiencing this problem, try the following:

  • Swoop & Scoop - holding the underwire firmly under your arm, use your other hand to swoop and scoop your breast tissue away from the underwire to center your tissue into the cup where it belongs.  This is a recommended process for everyone actually.  It is reported that after a while, the tissue will move back front and center where it belongs and your breasts will have a nicer shape.  Good, right??

Still having side-boob, try the following:

  • Sister Size - try going up a cup size and own a band size.  This should provide more volume in the cup to accommodate the escaping tissue.
  • Try a bra with a wider band and pick a style with a fuller cup which will ensure your underwires are high enough on the sides.

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