Silicone Valley's Boob Tape

At Anna Bella, we are always delighted when customers provide feedback on our products, and the following testimonial on Silicone Valley's Boob Tape made us smile.  Passing this review along for others who are considering using this amazing new product.  Enjoy!

Solutions for a Second Date - by Petra Bellejambes

So, you are planning on a second date. Good for you! This tells me that on the first date, he managed to determine that your eyes are up here, not down there. Yippee! That puts him in the upper 30% of the field, so proceed.

This might be the time to test his resolve and ability to focus on those eyes of yours. I found just the thing at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie, and wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Silicone Valley (notice the cutesy spelling please…) makes a little magic they call Boob Tape. It’s the sort of stuff that is more commonly used to help flesh not spill out of wild red carpet outfits that you and I would not wear on a second date.

Boob tape is not just for the stars though. It really can be a game changer for many more everyday looks and for evenings when you want to turn up your look just a scooch or more. The tape itself has a few features that make for comfort and convenience. I’ll touch on these, and the say a few words about performance.

Easy to apply.  It only took me about 2 minutes this morning. The bust must run on time!

  • Snip 2 lengths of the 2” wide tape from the spool,
  • Apply on the left, directly under your armpit, under the nipple by an inch or 2, and pull across left breast
  • Start to peel off the tape lining from left to right and smooth & secure the Boob Tape as you go
  • Use your left hand to pull in flesh from your right boob
  • Use your right hand to continue to peel off the tape lining as you go
  • Smooth the tape evenly
  • Repeat the process the other way. Done.

Stretch. This stuff really does stretch. And that means that beyond the visual effect, you can actually breath! That will make it easier to focus on how much your date night shoes pinch. Or whatever it is he is talking about.

Crazy durability. This is an all-day plus long evening product that does not lose its grip or effect. There is a wavy pattern on the adhesive that must be the secret ingredient. It just stays put.

Pain and ick free removal. At the end of my long day (and night) I pre-emptively winced, expecting the old band-aid removal sting, and hey-ho, off she goes! No residue either. Seriously nothing to it and less of a sweat than peeling off shapewear.

As for the effect, I am over the moon. I have a swimmer’s body minus the lungs. Wide shoulders, small cup with a vast prairie of sternum in between the dunes. Plungy bras don’t work so well for me, and push ups have tended to merely smush. I have dresses that I cannot bear to part with, but which simply don’t flow well around my bust. My necklaces may as well hang on scarecrows.

Two strips of tape totally turned all that around. It is an amazing thing to see and feel such an immediate change in silhouette and fit. Curvy, soft, supported and a lush as you want to make your evening look.


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