Shape Wear for Every Occasion

Shape Wear for Every Occasion
Shape wear is a fashion essential! It has the power to completely elevate your look by providing smoothness and a flattering shaping affect. Anna Bella Fine Lingerie carries a variety of shape wear styles to meet the needs of your outfit!
A shaping slip can provide you a little extra coverage under a dress that may be a little sheer while smoothing and shaping.
Briefs and Skirts
Shaping briefs and skirts are the perfect comfortable smoothing piece. They provide smoothness without any constriction. These pieces are perfect for a long day.
Waist Cincher
Looking for an hourglass shape? A waist cinched gives an instantaneous slimming effect. The best part is, its one simple piece! It’s the perfect wedding day piece - it will camouflage perfectly under any dress.

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