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Off-Shoulder Fashions

Today's fashions feature many off-shoulder options.  Although they are adorable, many of us will pass on such purchases dreading having to wear a strapless bra.
When you find a strapless that actually works, it is your best friend in your intimates wardrobe, opening up endless possibilities.  But a strapless that DOESN'T fit, is a nightmare.  Constantly falling to your waist and requiring adjustment.

What to do????  Visit a bra fit professional and buy your correct size!  Most women who buy 36C are really 32E.  Don't let this number and letter freak you out.  The right size makes you look & feel so much better.  In regular bras, the band of the bra provides the majority of support.  But in a strapless, it is your ONLY support.  We recommend a strapless that is on the tighter size - - like a very snug hug without being too restricting.  

Once you know your size, select a strapless bra that separates your breasts & provides support.  Ureka!  You look amazing in a strapless!  Now that you have this coveted item, be sure to take good care of it.  Always hand wash in cold water with delicate detergent & hang to dry. Our bras work hard, so treat them with love.

If you find a style that really works for you and you want to wear it constantly, there is no problem in purchasing a few at once  ... perhaps in different colors.

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