Nightwear for a Mini-Break

Here's the dilemma.  Your boyfriend is taking you on a mini-vacation for the first time. What nightwear do you take so you don't look like a granny .... or a stripper???

Where does the middle ground lie in this loungewear dilemma? Every woman who has ever tried to search for such a garment in a pre-vacation panic knows this problem all too well. 

Mini-break nightwear is slightly different from what you choose to wear at home. As Bridget Jones knew very well, mini-breaks require mini-break wardrobes.  Something with a sense of occasion to it.  But sleepwear for the mini-break is really one of the easiest parts of the mini-break wardrobe as it is not weather dependent. It's merely a matter of finding the magical garment that is sexy without being silly ....  and pretty without being infantile.

In our opinion, the prettiest and sexiest nightwear while still within an affordable range is Natori. Not only is it softness itself, but elegantly sexy for all ages!


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