New Year… New Bras!

New Year… New Bras!

The New Year has begun! For most this entails organizing and preparing for the year ahead. When getting prepared for 2018 keep BRAS in mind. If you have never had a proper fitting, the start of the New Year is the perfect time! Even if you have had a proper fitting, our bodies change throughout the year and the bra you bought 12 months ago most likely does not fit the same anymore.  

We recommend having at least 3 bras in your bra wardrobe. This gives you 1 to wear today, 1 in your drawer for tomorrow, and 1 in the laundry. Complete your bra wardrobe today with our Build Your Bra Wardrobe Promotion! In the month of January, buy 2 bras and receive your third for 40% off! 

Below are bras you will want to include in your bra wardrobe:

Everyday T-Shirt Bra: A flattering everyday bra is vital for your bra wardrobe. A great everyday bra will keep your “girls” lifted and smooth under any outfit.Great for anytime, anywhere!

Skin Toned Bra: A skin toned bra is a wardrobe staple! Never stress about your bra color peeking through your light colored blouses.

Date Night Bra: We all need a little bit of sexy in our bra wardrobe! Feel and look beautiful with a special date night bra.

Sports Bra: Pursuing a healthy lifestyle in 2018? A bra-sized sports bra is a must! Keeping your “girls” supported with a sports bra can prevent movement and future sagging.

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