Living in Lovely Lingerie

June 28, 2018
In America, we tend to feel uncomfortable with the idea of lingerie. We often associate lingerie with supermodels, "dancers", or women like "Mrs. Robinson" from The Graduate.  We think "I'm not strutting down a runway or trying to seduce someone.  I am fine in my t-shirt & boxer shorts!"  While there are times when t-shirts & boxers are fine, it should't be your only option.

The European attitude toward lingerie is very different from ours. To Europeans,  lingerie is a very personal thing not meant to be shown off to someone else. When it comes to lingerie stores, instead of being filled with women shopping for themselves, their stores are filled with men buying beautiful gifts for their sweethearts.  Lingerie is not seen as naughty, but as an integral part of every sophisticated woman's wardrobe.

Give lingerie a chance! There's something powerful about wearing a matching set. It's your little secret, and gives you an indefinable air of confidence as you go about your day.

Lingerie is about so much more than being sexy for someone else.  It is about feeling beautiful in your own skin every single day. It's about taking time to invest in yourself and enjoy just being you.

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