LINGERIE ... it's not a dirty little word!

For many people, lingerie is considered a dirty little word . . . a forbidden topic.  After all, it's often regarded as scandalous and "too risqué to discuss in polite company". In reality, lingerie has morphed into something much more than just sensuality--it's now recognized for its fashion-forwardness -- even empowerment!

Never in a million years did I think I would find myself in the lingerie industry.  Opening a business catering to bra fitting, I soon discovered that women wanted out of their intimates than just a good fit.  And what a fulfilling transition it has been moving from a bra fit focused business to a true lingerie store.

At Anna Bella Fine Lingerie, women of all backgrounds & sizes come to explore the delightful possibilities that gorgeous intimates can offer.  Our world of lingerie has become a type of sorority where women feel comfortable & empowered in exploring the wonderful delights of lingerie.  Similar to shopping with girlfriends, our staff carefully helps customers match their personality & style, ensuring they find pieces that not only fit but delight!   We offer advice with warm hearts & nurturing hands - helping customers find pieces they may have never selected on their own! And loving the many confidant grins leave the store after discovering an exquisite set recommended just for them.

Empowerment can be found by embracing lingerie as a unique, beautiful expression of self-love. By wearing something that makes you feel confident and at peace with ourselves, we are able to showcase our true selves in an unforgettable way!  

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