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August 14, 2017

Your designer heels and pencil skirt say confident... your lingerie says otherwise. Work place dress codes can be daunting at times. While they may enforce a professional attire they don't address what's really important. Lingerie. The right lingerie can empower you, helping to boost your confidence and workplace morale. The key to confidence-boosting lingerie is all about fit. If a bra fails to support your breasts it's likely because it is not your ideal size. Here are a couple of bad bra identifiers; the shoulder straps are in constant need of adjustment₁, the back strap continues to ride up₂, and/or your breasts fall out₃ or barely fill up the cups.


Kristen Aiken from the Huffington Post wrote 2 Women Test The Theory That Expensive Lingerie Gives You Confidence. Here’s What Happened. One of the women, Michelle, commented, ”I always avoided asking for assistance when lingerie shopping, but this experiment definitely showed me that there is value in asking for help. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and it was for the best. Being fitted and wearing my new size changed not only how I felt, but also how my clothes fit. I was so much more comfortable all day. Also for the first time in the history of my life, I didn’t rip my bra off the second I got home.” This being said, not all lingerie needs to "break the bank" to give you confidence and support. However, don't invest all of your money on the exterior alone, make sure you're getting the right support underneath. Take charge of your wardrobe, be a boss.

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