Life Is Short ... Make It Sweet!

Summer's here & the perfect time to roll the windows down and sing to your favorite songs on the radio.  A new one I just discovered is by Old Dominion entitled Make It Sweet.  

'Cause I'm stuck on you, you're stuck on me I never gotta wonder where my honey be I ain't savin' all my sugar for a Saturday night Seven days a week I got an appetite The sunsets like a tangerine Let's find a road we've never seen Don't waste another mile or a minute not kissin' me Life is short, make it sweet!

These lyrics really spoke to me.  Life is short, and the older I get the faster time goes by.  So making a conscious effort to add sweetness to life makes perfect sense.  Why not break out the good china for pizza night - use the best towels & sheets - light the scented candles - open a bottle of champagne!  What are we waiting for??

This attitude is one we can apply toward our intimates.  Let's face it, most American women wear boring nude bras.  We save the really pretty things for "date night".  But seriously, how often do we go on date night?  

Be inspired to create special moments in your life.  Spice things up a bit with a really pretty set that you wear just because it makes you happy. Don’t wait for a special occasion that may not ever happen. Live sweetly & make today special!


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