Let's Talk About Lube

   Let’s talk about lube, specifically Beloved, the first and only high end lube made for the sophisticated woman. When you have the most luxurious lady bits, they deserve the most luxurious lube, duh. That being said, many lubes are made from sketchy, potentially harmful ingredients that you DO NOT want on the most delicate tissue or inside of you. 

 Beloved is really different, basically it is your vagina’s soulmate

   Buying other lubes can be super embarrassing and awkward. Tossing the $29.99 X-rated bottle of lube (that was most likely made by a man) in your Target cart can feel humiliating, oh and not to mention, you'll be back for Monistat tomorrow. On a more serious note, many lubes contain artificial flavors and coloring, some are even flammable. Many of the best selling lubes out there contain some of the same ingredients in brake fluid, antifreeze and oven cleaner (like seriously?) These ingredients can cause irritation and infections. Beloved is really different, basically it is your vagina’s soulmate, if you will. Beloved is made with all natural good-for-you ingredients that are FDA approved. The formula is an impeccable replacement for your body's own natural lubrication. It feels exactly as it’s supposed to. 

   It contains absolutely nothing that disrupts your natural vaginal environment and causes irritation or infection.  Beloved’s star of the show is aloe, a soothing all natural ingredient that will make you feel brand new. It’s Hypoallergenic and pH balanced so it soothes, and will never irritate or harm, your lady parts. There are no harmful ingredients such as estrogen, parabens, silicone or fragrance its gynecologist recommended and made right here in the USA.  

The bottle is sleek, elegant and won't disrupt alone time with your partner.

    Now, let’s talk about the packaging, this is super important to me. Packaging and bottles of other lubes are tacky and porn-ish, bottles that you absolutely do not want ruining your elegant and sacred nightstand. Another reason you are falling in love with Beloved is the tasteful and discreet packaging. The bottle is sleek, elegant and won't disrupt alone time with your partner. Honestly I would use it as décor. Speaking of other uses, Beloved is not only intended for the bedroom, use it for general dryness or irritation, and see amazing results, your yoni with thank you. 

    Whether you are with a partner, all alone or seeking some relief, pop in to Anna Bella Fine Lingerie sometime and ask us about our beloved, Beloved.

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