Keep Calm and Put Your Pj's On!

When a woman wears a matching bra and panty set under her everyday clothes she immediately feels more confident and put together. The same goes for pjs. Whether you're just wearing them to sleep, lounging around the house, or fresh out of the shower to get ready for the day... having an adorable and comfy pj set brings a whole new level of confidence and charisma to a woman!

There are so many perfect opportunities that having cute pajamas comes in handy. Are you going off to college and need to get ready in a community bathroom... why not let all the other girls see how adorable you are. Are you having a pj night in your sorority? Bachelor Monday is about to start too, so make sure you have a comfy set to rock at your friends place while sitting back and enjoying the drama of your new favorite reality stars! 

For my Mom and myself, our favorite time to rock our pjs is while getting ready for a night out on the town! After a fun day in the sun it was time to shower and get ready for yummy food, drinks, and dancing in downtown Charleston. We threw on these fabulous jammies, turned on some 90's rock, and got ready for a fun girls night. Seriously, dancing around and using selfie timer while jumping on the bed in our pj sets was the perfect way to kick start our confidence and goofiness for the evening!

What are you waiting for... go get your pj set!!! It'll change your life!


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