How to Put on A Bra. SERIOUSLY!

Yes, I'm talking to you!  That girl who hurriedly throws on her bra ... fastening it in the front then twisting it wildly around, shoving arms into the straps and then off you go.

Put on your bra with the same intention you put on accessories (and your bra IS your best accessory).  The  most important thing is to make sure the bra you are putting on IS THE RIGHT SIZE!  If you are wearing the wrong size, do not pass GO.  It's time for a fitting first.

Now that you have a properly fitting bra, here's the routine for putting on your bra at home:
  • Place your arms in the straps and adjust them so they rest on your shoulders and aren't all twisty
  • Bend forward at your waist (like touching your toes) while reaching back to grasp the band on either side of the clasps. Clasps typically have 2 or 3 hooks that connect with loops on the other side. Your goal is to get all of the hooks into the loops. Most bras have two or three settings of tightness, so choose the one that gives you a snug hug around your body.   This may take a bit of practice.
  • Now the fun part!  Position your breasts into the cups. While holding the underwire securely with one hand, use the other hand to reach into the cup to position ALL your breast tissue (even that that has gone missing and found it's way into your armpit) away from the underwire and into the center of the cup.  Wow, you probably have more breast tissue than you ever imagined!  Do this nice and slow or you may flop right back where you started.
  • Now, stand up. If you have muffin top, take your forefingers and smooth the tissue back into the cup. Don't be shy about this .... make those girls behave.
  • Now adjust your straps to make sure the cups have enough support without over-tightening.  Remember, 90% of your support comes from your snug band, so you should be able to place 2 fingers between your strap and shoulder.  No more strap grooves on your shoulders!


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