How to Fix Annoying Falling Bra Straps

Here are a few tips to correct the common problem of falling bra straps:
Is your bra past it's prime?
The first thing to check is if your bra is old and overworn.  Over time, the elastic that is in most bra straps stretches out.  And if you have inadvertently placed your bra in the dryer (say it isn't so!), the elastic may be destroyed.  Even the best bras usually don't last more than a year when worn regularly.  It might be time for a bra retirement. 
Adjust Straps
OK, this seems basic but many women do not adjust their bra straps or do not adjust them correctly. Because most people have one breast that is larger than the other, more than likely you will need to make one strap longer than the other to make the straps comfortably snug without digging into your shoulder.  
Access the Style of Your Bra
Most people focus only on the right size of a bra, however the style of bra is equally important.  If strap slippage is occurring with a new bra, more than likely your bra is not the right style for you.   Styles with open necklines usually have straps that are wide set which invites slippage especially for those with sloping shoulders or petite frames.  Select bras whose straps attach to the band close to the hook and eye closure. Another possibility is a convertible bra that allows for criss-crossing across the back or a racer-back bra.  
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