How to Find a Bra That Really Fits!

The majority of us have worn the wrong size bras for years!  We know it is true, but shy away from the fitting process for any number of reasons.  We feel uncomfortable with our body  ... we should wait until we lose weight ...  wait until we get in better shape, get a boyfriend, .....and on and on.  

At Anna Bella, we say, "Bite the bullet" and march yourself in for a fitting.You will feel so amazingly fantastic that you will wonder why you stubbornly put it off for so long. Don't be surprised if your band size is smaller than you think and your cup size is larger. Don't cringe when you find out your real size after being professionally measured. Just go with it!  It's just a letter and a number.

The experience isn't nearly as scary as people expect and by the end of it, you will feel so good ... and look so much better!  Hello comfort.

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