Here Comes The Bride!

Gift-giving is a large part of any wedding celebration. Your family & closest friends love the opportunity to give gifts to make sure your new life together is amazing. And bridal lingerie is a big part of this celebration. Check out these 5 tips as you prepare for the big day!

1. Bridal  Lingerie Showers - these can be amazing ... or amazingly terriflying.  Lingerie should match the bride's taste & comfort level, however this is difficult for others to gauge.  Why not make things simpler for all & build a Lingerie Registry!  Visit Anna Bella's online store & create your personalized registry then shop the vast array of lingerie to find items that you would love to receive.  Select size - color preference - then "Add to Registry" and you are done!  Your registry can then be shared with the hostess of the shower by email or social media so she can share to participants.  You can even leave a personal message to those shopping from your registry.  That was easy!

2. For Mother of the Bride -  The wedding celebration includes the entire family & is captured with beautiful photographs to be enjoyed for years to come.  So for the mother of the bride (or groom) be sure your bra is doing it's job in making you comfortable while providing proper lift & support so you look your very best for your photos.

3. For Bridesmaids - The day is all about the bride ... but you want to look your best in your bridesmaid's dress. This is especially challenging for strapless or super tight dresses.  Now's the time to get fit properly for a strapless bra that actually works & explore options to provide the smoothest silhouette.

4. Bridesmaid Gifts - A fun trend is to gift your bridesmaids with matching robes to wear as they are dressing for the march down the aisle.  It makes for adorable photo opportunities as well.  There are many options to choose from but you can be sure it will be appreciated & enjoyed for years to come.

5. The Honeymoon - The bride typically loves the wedding day ... and the groom looks forward to the honeymoon.  Be sure to prepare for both!  You may get some fun pieces at lingerie showers but make sure to have some special pieces that you select just for the two of you.



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