Here Come the Ta-Ta's!

It's an awkward (and exciting) time in every girl's life ..  puberty!  Some girls are excited about their budding breasts & training bras; others worry that all eyes are focused on their breasts and are embarrassed.  The changes are physical but equally emotional. 

During the process, it's important for girls to remember that it is perfectly normal process & EVERY GIRL GOES THROUGH IT at some point in their life.  But if you are feeling self-conscious or teased at school because of your development, find the courage to reach out, even if you think it’s embarrassing.  At Anna Bella Fine Lingerie, we know this can be a tricky time ... especially if you have developed larger breasts.   Ask Mom to bring you in for a bra fitting.  That sounds terrifying, doesn't it!  But it is actually a very easy process with no nudity or poking & prodding.  The best part is finding bras that ACTUALLY FIT and look nice. You'll find that a well fitting bra can make your breasts look smaller .... and shapely. 

Learning about bra fitting at an early age is amazing & is a huge confidence boost, especially for the girl who can't find anything to fit at Victoria's Secret.  And the best part is you can share your knowledge with friends who may be having the same issues.   

Don't see the road to becoming an adult as a scary journey.  Talk to your mom, your big sister, an aunt - talk to them about how you feel.   Make sure you don’t handle puberty without the help of your family ... and your friends at Anna Bella!


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