Happily Ever After with a Lingerie Registry

Dearly Beloved. . . it's the time you've always dreamed of.  You found your perfect person & you are committing to a life together. As you plan your Wedding Celebration, a big part of planning includes BRIDAL REGISTRIES!  Shopping for your wedding dress can be a bit stressful, but setting up Bridal Regristries should be such fun.  It’s all about designing your home and your life together with your spouse.   Not only do registries help friends & family identify gifts to set up your new household, it ensures you receive items you actually would like to receive.

Although getting bedsheets & kitchenware is helpful in establishing your hoiusehold, don't forget to set up your LINGERIE REGISTRY.  So much more fun than dishes!  Step into your Happily Ever After with lingerie best suited to your unique taste & style.  Gift giving for the much anticipated Lingerie Shower is so much easier for your wedding party.  

After your account has been created, all you need to do is SHOP!  Find your favorite pieces in your size & choose "ADD TO REGISTRY" rather than "ADD TO CART".    It's as easy as that.

The Registry shown below is an example of a Registry that can be accessed when shopping in store or shopping online.  For any special items that might be on the pricier side, it's easy to split payments for purchases to ensure you receive these special pieces.  Add an image & a personal message to friends & family and you are done.  Now share the link to your Registry to friends & family to make ensure your lingerie shower is everything you have ever hoped for.  Celebrate your love by creating your personalized Lingerie Registry today  

And they lived happily ever after! 

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