Introduce Your Graduate to the World of Pretty Underwear!

Graduate and mom

Remember the day your daughter walked down the aisle to receive her Kindergarten diploma & you cried at how fast she was growing up?  Well, in the blink of an eye, here she is graduating from high school.  Although it is an emotional time, graduation is a rite of passage that represents more than just academic achievement.  It involves "seeing" herself as an independent young woman.  She is starting her life as an adult young woman with responsibilities such as managing her money & doing her own laundry.  Yikes!  Many young women struggle with recognizing their beauty as it relates to issues of weight, skin, or general dissatisfaction about their appearances. Attractive undergarments are a good, simple way to affirm one’s beauty and self-worth. No matter what a woman is wearing on the outside, attractive underwear is a  reminder of her beauty.

In reflecting on her own experiences after heading to college, Annemarie Miller wrote a beautiful article discussing how her perceptions toward lingerie changed while in college.  She met wonderful women who were not lingerie-obsessed "bad girls". "They were confident, self-aware, and responsible. They were fun-loving, joyful, and respectful. They knew that beauty is good and that surrounding oneself with beauty is admirable—even if no one else sees it.  One of my friends even remarked that attractive underwear helped her mood. She explained to me that wearing pretty underwear caused her to feel more “put-together” underneath, and this in turn affected her entire attitude."
As a Mom, it's the perfect time to have the talk that it is perfectly acceptable & appropriate to have lovely undergarments.  Although she might not admit it, your support & guidance is crucial in how she sees herself as an adult.  "Instead of shunning attractive lingerie as something exclusive to marriage or the exploitation of women, let us instead approach undergarments with a more balanced approach. All women are beautiful and deserve lovely undergarments. “Good girls” can wear beautiful underwear."
So our wish for you and your daughter who struggle with negative perceptions of lingerie, we invite you to introduce her to a new world of beautiful lingerie to add more beauty to her new life! 

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