Get to Know Our Bras! pt. 6

Simone Perele
May 27, 2017

"A woman should not have to choose between being comfortable and feeling beautiful...She can have it all." - Simone Perele

Over 65 Years of “Savoir Faire”. Elegance, meticulous attention to detail, innovation and comfort…the reputation of Simone Pérèle​ is built on the qualities of French style that are embraced by women all over the world. The highest quality fabrics, embroidery, lace and ribbon are selected with infinite care to complement a woman’s natural curves. Today, Simone Perele is renowned as one of the leading manufacturers of fine French lingerie.

A Brief History:
Founded in Paris in 1948, Madame Simone Perele, an expert corset maker, had a vision to liberate women and design lingerie that embraced a woman’s natural shape. She quickly gained a reputation for breaking with tradition, creating lingerie dedicated to women’s desire to look beautiful, yet also feel comfortable.
Every collection is inspired by art, travel and culture. Designed for the modern woman, Simone Perele lingerie is created with passion and precision to achieve superior fit, unparalleled comfort and sophisticated styling.

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