Get to Know Our Bras! pt. 3

Lise Charmel
May 24, 2017

Lise Charmel was founded in Lyon, the silk capital. The brand enjoys an international reputation for creating exquisite designs and colors in satin, silk, guipure embroideries and Calais lace. With its spirit of haute couture, Lise Charmel has become a by-word for luxury French lingerie thoughout the world.

A Brief History:
Lise Charmel was born more than half a century ago, in the cradle of luxury, driven by the constant search for beauty and extreme comfort in the heart of the silk neighborhood of Lyon. Lise Charmel is one of the finest quality bras; the brand has developed a unique expertise. Inspired by couture in the 70s, Lise Charmel is known for its vibrant colors and creativeness. It became a leading player in the development of multicore embroidery. Always opened to listen to the changes in the taste of women, their desires of beauty and seduction.

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