Get to Know Our Bras! pt. 2

May 23,2017

The name Empreinte comes from the French song, Je ne peux effacer l'empreinte du passe, meaning, "... can never erase the imprint of the past."

Empreinte's expertise is renowned beyond France, enabling them to assert its premium brand image internationally. Empreinte meets women's needs all over the world. Its modern, bold creations confirm its position as an expert corsetry designer for curvy women all around the globe.

A Brief History:
Empreinte was founded by Jean Le Her in the town of Brest (no kidding!).Inspired by American models, designers kept the new trend of high and pointed busts in mind when they began developing non-constricting bras that were comfortable to wear. Empreinte wanted unveil a vibrant new style where women actually looked like women. Spurring from the 80's, Empreinte focused on femininity and offered absolute support and comfort in their product as well as increased sensuality.

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