Full Sized Bustiers Are Coming!

Yin & Yang
June 8, 2017

She never liked dolls and always preferred Majorette toy cars. Her brother broke her favorite red one when she was at ballet, and her anger is still vivid in both of their minds. She was an art history major, but after undergrad, decided to go to Le Cordon Bleu. She loved the excitement of learning and the importance of precision and timing in her work. She ended up becoming an app developer, but she still cooks, and prefers to do it half-clothed in her favorite shapewear. This Va Bien bustier happens to be her favorite piece. Perfect under a wedding dress or a gown, vintage-style rigid satin and lace paneling cinches the waist for an hourglass figure. Extra long, hip shaping coverage helps dresses follow a smooth silhouette. This seamless drop of magic creates a gorgeous hourglass shape for every body type. You can definitely call this the secret ingredient to supported confidence. We will be offering a larger variety of bustiers for full figure sizes soon, stay tuned!

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