Flying the Nest

It's a bittersweet time.  Flying the nest & heading off tto college!  In addition to dorm supplies, it's equally important to send her off with proper foundations (such an old-fashioned word for undergarments but completely apropos!)  Make sure she is ready for anything with bras that fit properly & are comfortable - possibly a strapless bra for those little tops & dresses - and maybe a bra-sized sports bra for excercise to keep those Freshman 15 at bay.
The experience of a mother bringing her daughter in for a bra fitting is so special. It is something that seems so small but so great for a bonding experience. It is something that links the two closer - - Mom knowing her daughter will be fully supported, and the daughter, feeling confident in herself & her appearance.
Success in college is more than just the grades.  It is about developing as a young adult.  Make sure your girl feels good about her appearance and she is sure to do her best in all aspects of the challenges of college!

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