Five Costumes, One Bustier!

Five Costumes, One Bustier!

In desperate need of Halloween costume ideas? Or have multiple Halloween parties to attend this year? Here are five easy costumes you can create using our favorite Va Bien bustier! 

Burlesque Girl

What screams burlesque more than a classic corset or bustier?  Just pair your bustier with a skirt and thigh high stockings! Own the dance floor at your Halloween party with this look!


No need to drape over-sized black clothing over you to be a witch for Halloween! Instead pair your black bustier with the bottoms of your choice (skirt, leggings, or even jeans). And of course your witch hat!


This classic costume is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party. All you need is a white bustier, skirt, thigh highs, wings, and a halo. Feel sexy and sweet in this fun costume!

Dark Angel

Take a twist on the classic angel costume and spicy things up with a dark angel costume! Like the angel costume all you need is a bustier, skirt, thigh highs, wings, and a halo. This all black sexy look is sure to turn heads!


Looking for something a little scarier? What’s scarier than a vampire?  All you need is your black bustier, the bottoms of your choice, fangs, fake blood, and a cape if you’re feeling dramatic! In this costume you’ll look stunning while rocking your classically spooky Halloween costume.

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