Examine your Bra Fit Points

If you're like a lot of women, you probably find yourself wondering if you're wearing the right size bra. You might even have gone so far as to measure yourself and try on different sizes at the store, but still don’t feel confident in your selection. In this post, we'll discuss how to determine if you are wearing your correct bra size and what to do about it if you are not. Let's get started!

Don’t feel uneasy if you believe you are wearing the wrong size because our experience is that over 90% of our customers are not wearing their ideal fit.  And if you are like many women, you are wearing the same size year after year although for most of us our shape doesn’t remain the same over the years.

Let’s start by deciding to not pay so much attention to bra size but rather focus on fit points in your bra.  Put on the bra that you think fits you the best & let’s analyze the following fit points after adjusting the straps & back of your bra:

  • Adjust your straps where they provide support while still being able to comfortably slip two fingers between the strap and your shoulders.
  • Make sure the back of your bra is sitting down low on the smaller part of your back. You may need to tighten the band if you find it is too loose. 

Now let’s check your fit points.

Fit Point #1 … THE CUP  Looking at the center portion of the bra between your breasts, does the center of the bra lie flat against your breastbone?  If you notice that the bra is pulling away from your body, the most likely problem is that your cups are too small.  This is further evidenced if you see the cup cutting into your breasts to create the famous double-boob effect.  If the opposite is true & the cup is wrinkling, the cup might be too large.

Fit Point #2THE UNDERWIRE  While looking in a mirror, turn sideways & notice where the underwire ends.  You will want to make sure the underwire is not cutting into your breast tissue under your arms.   The underwire should sit directly behind your breast tissue to contain the breast in the cup.  Too far back in the armpit is as bad as too short!

Fit Point #3 … THE BAND  The support provided by your band should be 90% of your support with the other 10% coming from straps.  The band should be a “snug hug” on your body when worn on the lower, smaller part of your back.  When you have a snug fit on this smaller part of your back, the band is less likely to ride up causing the bra to tip forward on your body.  When this happens, you can say goodbye to support.

Now that you have evaluated your best fitting bra, you should have a good idea if your fit is good or needs improvement.  There are many recommendations that can be made to rectify fit points however this is made more difficult when you realize that every bra manufacturer fits differently.  Some have shallow cups where some have deep cups.  Some have loose bands & others tight.  Your very best option is to visit your local bra fit specialist who is well trained on the various brands offeed & can introduce you to a bra you will be happy to take home & love!

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