"Donut" Forget to be Fun Mum!

Isn't it amusing to think back on how you think you'll be when you become a parent.  Life would be amazing with perfectly behaved children who adore you.  You will laugh & play & thoroughly enjoy life.  Being a Mom is going to be fantastic!  The reality is that being a Mom is HARD.  Mom's are busy!  Where is the time for those imagined quality times you once envisioned? 

Do you find that you are too busy to be a fun Mom?  Ask yourself, when is the last time you really had fun with your kiddos?  When they want you to play a game with them, is your response "I'll be with you in 15 minutes ... have to get this thing done".  In reality we probably know we will be a lot longer than 15 minutes.  And do you feel relief when they move on to something else and forget about your joining in?   We all love our kids but are we making it a priority to spend time with them? 

There are a million distractions in the day, but making a conscious CHOICE to be entirely present & have fun with your kids (even for a short time) will make you a happier Mom.  Laugh.  Act Silly. 

Although there will always be stresses in the day, make the time to have fun with your kids.  Being a Mom is hard, but make the choice to be a Happy Mom!

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