Does Gravity Have You DOWN?


If gravity's got you down, don't fret! Say goodbye to breast surgery and hello to two inches of gravity defying lift. With the Girlfriend's Pick-Me-Up, simply place the tape over your breast and pull up. Voilá! The best part? The adhesive is sweat-proof and water-proof but the area that goes over your nipple has no adhesive so it doesn't hurt when you take it off!

The perfect solution for backless tops & dresses (or any garment you can’t wear a bra with). Also great if you need a little pick me up in a swim suit.  The surgical grade adhesive is active for up to 6 hours as a sweat and water proof lift.

If the headlights are on, wear it under Smooth ‘em nipple concealers
If you’ve worn it longer than suggested, try removing it in the shower or rub some baby or olive oil over the adhesive area before removing it.

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