Do I Need A Minimizer Bra??

While smaller chested women usually look to push-up bras to give them a fuller look, larger breasted women will often tell you they want just the opposite.  They want to take the focus away from their bust, and to do this by breast reduction or turning to minimizer bras.  

This type of bras focuses on bringing breast tissue closer to your chest and reducing projection.  Yes, your blouses won't pop open at the buttons, but your overall appearance will take a hit. Breast tissue doesn't magically disappear in a minimizer ... it is pushed together and into your armpits.  And the result is a distorted wide set uniboob that makes you look wider ..... and really larger.   
If your aim is to achieve a minimized look, focus on lifting your bust - - which will reveal your waist - - and seperate your breasts to avoid the uniboob effect.  

Wearing a good bra that is correctly sized can make a world of difference in your appearance.  People contemplating breast reduction are often delighted with their changed appearance when they discover their correct fit.  Even if the cup size is larger, the breasts appear smaller.  

Ditch your Minimizers - cancel your appointment with the plastic surgeon- and instead take home some life-changing bras!

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